PostInternet Lies Translated

Coming Soon: I don’t know when, probably never

Free: Use it it for free now, we make you pay later, once you depend on it

No strings attached: We know you distrust us for a good reason

Copyright 2008: This site might be abandoned but runs a script that updates the year in the copyright notice

Interesting photos: Stolen images, I just don’t know anything about them besides that they were popular elsewhere so they must be interesting

Make money online: Click our ads, we get commission from these affiliate networks

Privacy: We just use your data for advertising, if the NSA, CIA, FBI, GOP, DIY asks us and once another company buys us we can sell our user database

Click here: We know you are a dummy that does not know how the Internet works

Is now Open Source: We let others do the work for free and then earn big $$$ by reselling it

Social: This will transform your social life into a virtual computer game

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